Our Services

Children and Family Services


Intensive ABA Services

Intensive ABA programs are created for children who are displaying significant delays throughout multiple areas of development. Areas include communication, socialization, daily living skills, interpersonal relationships, play and leisure, and adaptive skills. In addition, we utilize Positive Behavior Support strategies to minimize challenging behaviors. Intervention is determined by understanding why the individual is engaging in the challenging behavior and providing them an appropriate alternative behavior. Programs are customized to the individual’s needs and deficits with the purpose of closing developmental gaps and promoting independence.

Early Intervention Services

Early interventions services are provided to infants and toddlers under 3 years old with an emphasis on parent-child relationship. Parents learn strategies to build their child’s compliance, functional communication, and teaching appropriate behaviors.

Parent Training Services

Parent training services are designed to help parents and caregivers learn strategies to support and manage their child’s behavior. Throughout this program, parents and caregivers will increase their knowledge in Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Support. Furthermore, they will learn strategies to promote appropriate replacement behaviors, functional communication, and their child’s independence.


School Services

What We Do

School support services aim to address the needs of the student by integrating Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Support into their educational programs. Behaviorists provide 1:1 support throughout the student’s school schedule/routine.

How It Works

School consultation services* are available for both local school districts and private schools. Each plan will be made specifically for your child's behavioral needs and in collaboration with their teachers.
Supervision will be provided to support your child's IEP team members and ensure that the behavior plan is carried out accordingly**. Programs are continually updated base on your child's progress.

"Thank you for your time and professionalism. We are very pleased with the outcome. Your school consultation not only has improved our student's behavior, but it has enhanced my relationship with our teachers..." ---School Director


Life Coaching

What We Do

Life coaching services are provided to adults who display significant deficits in daily living skills, organization, and money management. 

Some common areas taught are completing a shopping routine, job interview prep, getting directions on a map/GPS, and using alternative transportation (e.g., bus route). All programs are customized based off the individual’s needs and deficits.

*Yrenka Lolli-Sunderlin is certified by the California Department of Education as a Non-Public Agency (NPA) and holds a Master Contract with Ventura County SELPA.

**IEP attendance is also available for quality assurance purposes (Private Pay Only).

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