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ABA Therapy, Boise Idaho
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Where Learning Begins...

"Thank you so much for being so awesome! I had lost all hope, now I feel like the sky is the limit for my son." ~ Parent

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Sunderlin Behavioral Interventions is a family-owned agency that has provided quality services to individuals, families, professionals, and organizations since 2011. At Sunderlin Behavioral, we care about your well-being and offer top-quality ABA services at our Boise, ID , Portland, OR and Vacouver, WA locations. We also provide Trauma-Informed Care to create a safe, empathetic, and personalized environment for your growth and healing. Join us in your journey to positive change and a better life.

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ABA Thearpy

School & Consultation


 Development of personalized effective behavior plans for students with behavioral needs.

Early Intervention, ABA Therapy

Children & Family Services

Family training, 1:1 early  intervention services, and social skills groups for children.

Life Coaching, ABA Therapy

Teen & Young Adult Services

Life coaching for teen and young adults to promote independent living and quality of relationships.

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For over a decade, Sunderlin has firmly established itself as a trailblazing institution, celebrated for its extraordinary dedication to providing specialized care for children grappling with Autism Spectrum and various Developmental Conditions. Through relentless commitment and innovative approaches, Sunderlin has continually set new standards in the field, ensuring that every child receives the individualized support and attention they need to thrive and reach their fullest potential.

Personalized ABA Therapy for Individuals with Autism

You, too, can make a difference.
A place for passionate individuals who want more than just a job.

Change Unfolds At Sunderlin


At Sunderlin, our primary commitment is delivering top-notch therapy services. To ensure the success of every child, our dedicated team diligently monitors your child's daily progress toward their unique goals.


We have seen first hand a remarkable reduction in instances of aggression, elopement, self-injury, and property destruction among children who have received 2 to 3 years of comprehensive treatment.


This compelling information unequivocally demonstrates that our ABA programs not only yield swift results but also build momentum over time.

*Treatment outcomes may vary contingent on consistency in attendance and level of caregiver involvement throughout the treatment process.

What's Happening Now:
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